Home Turf

Directed by Ross Whitaker and produced by Aideen O’Sullivan.

Home Turf is a fascinating visual celebration on the ancient art of cutting turf by hand in Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Following a band of turf cutters from North Kerry throughout the cutting season from April to September, the film gives insight into a way of life that will soon be forgotten.

The men come to the bog to cut turf that they use as fuel for the winter. They come also to reconvene after the long winter and catch up on news and banter… they tell funny stories and sad tales. The film captures the sense of community that they feel and that will die with them.

In recent years machines have come to the bog to cut turf and soon the traditional methods will be lost. Also lost will the comradeship, and the film is a wish for simpler, more cohesive times.

Home Turf was made by the filmmakers behind the multi-award-winning Bye Bye Now and both films were produced by True Filmsfor the Irish Film Board under the Reality Bites scheme.

Our international screenings have been kindly supported by Culture Ireland.

News from the bog

Winner Best Documentary Short @ Kerry Film Festival, Tralee, 13.10.12

Screening @ Edindocs, Documentary Film Festival, Edinburgh, 20.10.12

Screening @ Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Arizona, 10.10.12 to 14.10.12

Wins Prize from the Lessinia Regional Natural Park, Film Festival Della Lessinia, Verona, Italy {link}

Screening @ SilverDocs, Maryland, 18.06.12 to 24.06.12 {link}

Selected for the prestigious Krakow Film Festival, 28.05.12 to 03.06.12 {link}

“Keeping an old way of life alive in spite of the odds”, Press +1, 06.05.12 {link}

Screening @ Hotdocs, Toronto, 28.04.12 to 30.04.12 {tickets}

Screening @ Dingle Intenational Film Festival, 17.03.12 {tickets}

“Shot with an elegant visual simplicity”. Film Ireland, 17.02.12 {link}

Screening @ Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, Light house Cinema, 17.02.12 {link}

Screening @ Corona Cork Filim Festival, 12.11.11 {link}

“An elegaic tribute to an Ireland rapidly disappearing”. Irish Independent, 11.11.11

“New film captures camaraderie at the bog”. Irish Examiner, 10.11.11 {link}

“Home Turf can expect positive feedback from audiences”. Irish Examiner, 22.08.11 {link}

Home Turf awarded ‘Reality Bites’ funding, 28.11.10 {link}