Our films

Unbreakable – The Mark Pollock Story {2014}

UNBREAKABLE tells the inspirational story of Mark Pollock’s amazing strength and positivity in the face of incredible obstacles throughout his life. {more…}

When Ali Came to Ireland {2012}

WHEN ALI CAME TO IRELAND captures the madcap week when legendary boxer Muhammad Ali went to fight in Ireland at the height of his career. {more…}

Home Turf {2011}

HOME TURF is a fascinating visual celebration on the ancient art of cutting turf by hand in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Following a band of turf cutters from North Kerry throughout the cutting season from April to September, the film gives insight into a way of life that will soon be forgotten. {more…}

Blind Man Walking

Blind Man Walking {2010}

BLIND MAN WALKING is the inspiring story of blind Irish athlete Mark Pollock’s attempt to become the first blind person to race to the South Pole. At the age of 22, Mark Pollock, a handsome young athlete and academic, suddenly lost his sight. He was plunged into darkness and depression but rebuilt his life over the next ten years. On the tenth anniversary of his sight-loss he takes on the toughest challenge of his life in attempting to become the first blind man to race to the South Pole. {more…}

Bye Bye Now {2009}

Multi-Award-Winning BYE BYE NOW is an amusing, poignant documentary about the fate of the Irish phone booth, which has gone from the centre of society to the verge of extinction. The film tells the story not just of the rise and fall of these little concrete boxes but also of the deep changes to an entire society and shows what was lost along the way. {more…}

Bono & My Ex {2009}

Just when you thought you’d closed the book on that relationship, a rockstar comes and stirs it all up. This short film, BONO & MY EX, described as ‘hilarious’ by Ireland.com, was funded by the Irish Film Board under the Virtual Cinema scheme and has had 250k hits on YouTube. {more…}

Larry & Me {2008}

In 1998, Mark lost his sight suddenly and was faced with having to get a guide dog. Until then, he never liked dogs. Ten years on, he gets a letter out of the blue saying it’s time for his dog, Larry, to retire. LARRY & ME is a moving, poignant dogumentary. {more…}